Sponsoring a VEC intern is a

win-win opportunity!

The benefits of accepting interns into your company or organization are many.  The interns not only contribute time, and in many cases professional expertise, but they also bring enthusiasm and new ideas that have a positive effect in the workplace.

By participating in VEC's internship program the employer gains a valuable asset and cultural resource, as well as an opportunity to work with motivated and capable students with a variety of skills.  The interns are dedicated, willing, and capable of making a professional contribution.

Long-term Benefits of Sponsoring an Intern


Furthermore, by sponsoring interns, employers gain potential long-term contacts for future international business development. Interns can often be a means of developing a dynamic contact network throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  In a globalized economy such networks are crucial to fostering international cooperation.

Practicum assignments vary in length from four to twelve weeks.  Interns work from 30 to 40 hours per week, depending on the employer's schedules.  Employers are not expected to pay for any expenses such as meals, transportation, or wages.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vancouver English Centre Business Internship Program, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us.

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Sponsoring an Intern

VEC interns often help Canadian employers in unique ways.  Interns often have special employment skills they can use to make improvements in their Canadian pricticum workplaces. Practica are varied.

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Vancouver English Centre

The Business Internship Program offers an opportunity for interns and Canadian employers to cooperate on mutually beneficial projects.  Most placements are in the Vancouver area.

Interns work as regular employees on a volunteer basis.  Each intern is carefully monitored by a VEC Internship Coordinator.