Vancouver English Centre arranges practicum internships with Canadian employers in Vancouver Canada. VEC also offers TOEIC Preparation Courses, TOEFL Preparation Courses & Business English Courses, as well as Homestays for students. Practica are varied.


The Business Internship Program

The Business Internship Program (BIP), in is designed to provide international students with an opportunity to work as volunteer professionals in an English-speaking business environment in Canada.  Vancouver English Centre students improve their English communication skills while gaining hands-on, practical work experience.  Immersion in a working environment is an ideal way to learn about Canadian business procedures.


English Classes and Internships in Vancouver, Canada

The Business Internship Program is divided into two components: English classroom study and work experience in an English business environment.  The main goal of the program is to help students to use their English language skills within a local Canadian business setting.


Business Internship Courses


All Business Internship Program students spend four weeks in the Business Internship (BINT) course, a super-intensive course specifically designed to prepare students for their work placements.


Job Skills

Job Skills - interviews, telephone skills, meetings, negotiations.

BINT pm - internship procedures, business culture, on-the-job communication skills, business writing.


*After completing Job Skills, students

begin their internship placements.


Internship Placements in Vancouver, Canada

Interns are placed in volunteer positions that match their career goals.  While interns do not receive remuneration, they are treated with the same respect awarded to paid employees.

Interns need to be aware that their sponsor companies will trust them to be professional at all times.  Interns normally work 30 to 40 hours per week, depending on their employer's schedule.  Punctuality, confidentiality and respect are required from each intern in every practicum.

Students are responsible for providing their employers with a competent and professional job performance. During the first week of the program, students are asked to identify their internship goals, as well as specify the type of work they wish to do.  Our Business Internship Coordinators then carefully arrange a placement with a Canadian company which fits the intern's education, experience, and career goals.


Business Internship Coordinators

Vancouver English Centre is responsible for monitoring the placement in partnership with the employer. We do our best to ensure that the practicum is a meaningful learning experience for the intern as well as beneficial for the employer.  Our Business Internship Coordinators act as liaisons between students and companies in Canada.


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After working for the day, you can enjoy numerous recreational activities such as skiing, snow boarding, golfing, and sailing.  These activities and more are all easily available in the Vancouver area.

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